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Overview of Session Replays

Session Replays with Bugpilot is a powerful tool that helps you understand how users interact with your application. With the ability to record sessions on specific pages of your application, you can quickly identify user behavior and optimize your application to provide the best user experience possible.


To start using Session Replays, you need to complete the Bugpilot setup:

  • Install the tracking code

  • Send user IDs or emails to Bugpilot

You can check if your Setup is complete by clicking Verify Installation from the Setup page:

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Getting Started

Bugpilot records a sample of the sessions that visit the specified pages of your application. This means that you can choose which pages are most important to your business and only record sessions related to those pages.

Other pages will be ignored unless a user chooses to report a bug or you programmatically record sessions using the Bugpilot SDK or API.

Specify which Pages to Record

To start using Session Recording with Bugpilot, simply specify the pages you want to record and start watching recorded sessions:

  1. Open the Bugpilot Dashboard

  2. Navigate to Settings > Session Replays

  3. Locate the Pages to Record section (see screenshot below)

  4. Specify paths to pages you want to record sessions on (check the next paragraph for paths examples)

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How to specify Page URLs

You can specify one, two, or three paths to pages you want to monitor. Specify only paths, starting with a slash (/).


Note: the Path "/" matches the home page only, and it does not match any sub-page.

We need your feedback!

We'll release more exciting updates to make Session Replays even more useful and tailored to your needs. We'd love any feedback, idea, and suggestions for improvements.

We're just one click away, you can chat with us anytime using the chat bubble you find at the bottom-right corner of our pages.

Happy bug fixing!

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