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This article will guide you through creating a custom bot that answers user conversations and guides them to report a bug or submit a screen recording.

Here's a demo of what it might look like: https://vimeo.com/793799197/ced46881b8

You can also add a Submit a bug report button to your Intercom Widget Home, so users can submit without even starting a conversation with you.


In order for the Custom Action to work:

  1. IMPORTANT: You need to set up user identification and send the User ID as first parameter to Bugpilot.identify.

  2. IMPORTANT: In Bugpilot Integrations Settings, open API and make sure the Always connect Action WebSockets, is selected. It is not selected by default.

Creating a custom bot

  1. Navigate to app.intercom.com and open your intercom workspace

  2. In the side menu, find Operator and open it

  3. Click Custom Bots in the left-side menu

  4. Click on the New Custom Bot button

  5. Decide when to trigger the bot: for this guide, we'll choose "When a customer opens the Messenger."

Create a flow as you prefer. You could guide the user, for example, through some common troubleshooting steps.

Add the Bugpilot Action

When you want to add a Bugpilot button to allow the users to start a screen recording, add a Custom Action with the following properties:

Use the following configuration:

  • Method: POST

  • URL: https://widget-api.bugpilot.io/api/v1/action

  • HTTP Headers:

    • user-agent: Bugpilot API Client/1.0

    • x-bugpilot-api-key: [BUGPILOT PRIVATE API KEY]

      • Get it from Integrations > API Access

      • Make sure Always connect Action WebSockets is selected

  • Request Body:

    • Enter the following text, all in one line:
      { "workspaceId": "<WORKSPACE ID>", "userId": "<USER ID SELECTOR>", "action": "show-recording-ui" }

    • Replace <WORKSPACE ID> with the ID of your workspace, you can obtain it from Integrations > API Access.

    • Replace <USER ID SELECTOR> with the Intercom selector to dynamically obtain the User ID property:

      • Select the <USER ID SELECTOR> text and delete it.

      • Click on the button {...}, as it is shown in this image:

      • Select User ID from the dropdown that appears:

  • That's it! Click next and follow the instructions shown by Intercom.

  • Before testing it, reload your page where the Intercom widget is shown.

Further reading

You can find more information in Intercom's official guides:


This screenshot is an example Custom Bot we currently use at Bugpilot. This bot shows when a user starts a new conversation with us.

Advanced use cases

If you're a developer, you can check out the API Documentation; you should be able to set up a Custom Bot in a few minutes.

Prefer to set it up together?

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