This article describes how to add a Submit a bug report button to your Intercom Widget Home, before users even start a conversation with you.

This is useful to reduce the support conversation volume, and collecting all the details about bugs and issues your users are experiencing, before they reach Support.

You can also add a similar Submit a bug button to your Intercom Custom Bot, or anywhere Intercom supports Custom Actions, by following this guide.


  1. The Bugpilot for Intercom app must be installed

  2. The Tracking code must be installed and configured to identify users.

  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure you are sending user IDs (user_id) to Intercom, and you are sending the same exact user_id when calling Bugpilot.identify().

Setup steps

Step 1. Go to your Messenger Settings

Step 2. Select the Setup tab

Step 3. Scroll down and click the Add app button.

Step 4. Find and select Bugpilot (add the app for both visitors and users if needed)

Step 5. Click the Save and set live button to release the button to your users. It might take a bit of time before Intercom updates their cache and the widget becomes available. We recommend testing in Incognito mode.

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