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What this app does

Bugpilot collects detailed technical information from your end users right when they encounter a problem. With the Bugpilot app for Slack, you will be able to:

  • Automatically receive detailed bug reports in Slack channels

  • Get notified in Slack every time a bug is reported

  • Easily open Bugpilot reports from Slack

  • Share, and debug Bugpilot reports with your colleagues directly in Slack

How to set up the Bugpilot App for Slack

If you don't have one, create an account on Bugpilot.

Setting up the Bugpilot App for Slack takes two simple steps:

  1. Complete the setup by adding the Bugpilot tracking code to your web-app

  2. Connect Bugpilot to your Slack workspace from the Integrations page

Connect Bugpilot to your Slack workspace

  1. Go to your Bugpilot workspace and navigate to the Integration page. Find Slack from the list and click on the “Connect” button.

  2. Input all authentication steps in the popup to connect Bugpilot to your Slack channel. Pick the channel or conversation where you would like to receive notifications about your Bugpilot reports like in the image below.
    Click on Allow.

  3. After the connection has been successful, you will be redirected to your Bugpilot workspace. Under Slack, on your Integrations page, you will see: You have configured 1 Slack integration.

How to test the Bugpilot App for Slack

Once you have connected Bugpilot to your Slack workspace, you will start receiving a Slack message for each report. The fastest way to receive a Bugpilot report is to enable the Bugpilot widget and click on it or connect with your helpdesk solution (if you have it) and start a conversation.

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