This guide explains the functionality of the Bugpilot app for Zendesk.

If you're not familiar with the Bugpilot app for Zendesk, read the Overview first.


  1. The Bugpilot tracking code must be installed and configured to send or

  2. The Bugpilot Zendesk App must be installed.

You should see two checkmarks on the Bugpilot Dashboard, indicating that the tracking code and the Zendesk app have been successfully connected:

How do I get the reports?

Bugpilot generates a report every time a user starts a conversation via the Zendesk chat bubble.

The app

Once Bugpilot is set up, go to your Zendesk and open a conversation.

On the right sidebar, you will see a Bugpilot section.

The Bugpilot section looks like this:

Bugpilot inside Zendesk

Note: the section does not show for outbound conversations and will not show unless you have a conversation open.

Bugpilot generates a report every time a user opens the Zendesk chat bubble. The section contains the three most recent reports.

From the Bugpilot app in the sidebar you can perform three actions:

  1. Open a report

  2. Grab a screenshot

  3. Start a screen recording

Open a report

Click on a report in the list to open it; it will open in a new tab. From there you can change the report title and description and see all the information that has been recorded.

Grab a screenshot

Click this button to generate a new report automatically. The new report will include the usual technical details and an updated screenshot, so you can see exactly what the user is seeing on their screen - without asking.

The user will not see any notification or message telling them that you requested a screenshot; according to your common practice, you may want to send a message to the user beforehand.

⌛ The screenshot can take up to 10 seconds to be available in the list. The list does not refresh automatically; you need to click the Refresh list button to refresh manually.

Start a screen recording

Click this button to start a screen recording; a new report will be generated including the usual technical details and a screen recording for up to 60 seconds.

The user will see a recording frame, a timer, and a button to optionally stop the recording before the timer expires. The user has up to 60 seconds to complete the recording; after the timer ends, the report will be submitted.

⌛ Once the user has completed the recording, the report will be generated; this might take up to 15 seconds. Once the report has been generated it will be available in the list. You may need to click the Refresh list button to refresh manually.

ℹ️ Click here to simulate the screen recording user experience on the Bugpilot dashboard.

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