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Bugpilot will simplify your troubleshooting and debugging process by automatically collecting screen recordings and technical data from your app users. In your Bugpilot reports, you'll find all the information you need to troubleshoot, reproduce issues and fix bugs.

Example of a Bugpilot report

1. Screen Recording & Steps To Reproduce

Every report contains a screen recording and human-friendly steps to reproduce that are helpful for understanding and reproducing issues quickly.

2. User & Environment

In Bugpilot's User tab, you'll see all sorts of helpful info about your users like their email, name, and many app-specific details. You'll also find data about their environment, such as their browser, screen size, and operating system. This info can help you reproduce tricky issues that happen only on specific devices or only affect specific types of users.

πŸ‘‰ Here's an article on how to pass user information to your Bugpilot reports.

3. Logs, Network Requests, Resources...

Bugpilot gives you access to technical information that can help you understand issues better. This includes console logs, network requests, and user actions that provide insight into what happened when the problem occurred. If you've set up Bugpilot to collect this data, you can also view Local Storage, Session Storage, and Cookies.

πŸ‘‰ Some of the logs that you see in your browser's dev tools will not be present in your Bugpilot reports because they are browser warnings as they are generally useless for debugging or they are issues that occurred before the Bugpilot script was initialized.

4. Troubleshooting with Bugpilot AI

Bugpilot simplifies the troubleshooting process by doing the first step for you! It automatically checks for possible ad blockers, coding errors, and failed network requests. This helps you reproduce the problem and quickly figure out what went wrong.


Bugpilot enables you to gain insights into what happened on your users' screen, pinpoint their issues, and resolve them quickly. You'll have all the details you need to identify the root cause, and fix bugs fast!

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