Normally, we do not.

We have multiple layers of filters in place to prevent your end-users personal information from being recorded; additionally, from the settings section of your Bugpilot dashboard, you can specifically exclude some page areas from the recording (for example, you could exclude the users' profile section), as well as disable cookies and storage logging.

Bugpilot does not require you to send users' PII to function correctly.

However, if you decide to send PII (such as an email address or user's First name and Last name, for example in the user property when initializing the Bugpilot script) and you are subject to the GDPR, then you may need to update your Privacy Policy to include such processing.

We do not collect, store, or otherwise process any of your end-users PII except the information you might decide to submit to our service.

Bugpilot acts as a Data Processor on behalf of you, the Data Controller. If GDPR applies to you, you may also be required to read and accept our Data Processing Addendum. You can find it in the Settings section of your Bugpilot dashboard.

You are not allowed to send Sensitive Data to Bugpilot.

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